Miss Pyart


I am currently teaching Jeffreys class at Croft Primary School. I love teaching in KS1 and I am excited about all the fantastic things we will be doing this year. I joined the Croft team in August of 2021 and this will be my 5th year of teaching.

My classroom encourages the development of a positive learning environment where all pupils feel valued. I believe that the classroom is more than just a space, it should be a stimulating environment that guides pupils to thrive in their own way. If you come past our classroom you’ll probably hear us happily engaged in our learning.

I love to bake sweet treats; especially if I discover a new recipe to try. I also love to be active in the fresh air.

About Our Class

Hello and welcome to Jeffreys class.

We are aspiring be ready, respectful and safe which means that we can create a happy and stimulating learning environment in our classroom. If you walk past our classroom, you are likely to hear us counting, singing and dancing about multiples or even coordinating conjunctions.

We have learnt some fantastic things about Australia and all things Australian. Linking to our geography topic driver, our class text has been an aboriginal story called “Tiddilick The Greedy Frog” and we have had a great time learning the story. We have even given it actions to help us retell it and write our own versions. You should see how many exciting phrases we have included. Our class have also been using “The Big Question” in each subject area to deepen our thinking and learning. We are really good at picking out the key words!🗝



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