Many children now opt to have a hot meal at school.  The meals cost £2.47 per meal

Meals include a vegetarian option.  A drink, bread and pudding are included with each meal.

Menus can be picked up at the office . Meals can be paid for on a weekly, half termly or termly basis on a Monday morning.

The children operate a ‘family mealtime’ approach to lunchtimes. The healthy, nutritious meal is served to our younger children by our older children. We say grace together before eating and help each otheron our tables.

If someone is not enjoying the food we will let you know quickly so that we can all help your child.

Since September 2014 all Infant Children are entitled to a Universal Infant Free Meal.  This will be on an opt out basis.  Therefore a meal will be ordered for every child in this age group it is then the responsiblity of the parents to let the school know if their child wishes to opt out of this and have a packed lunch. 

In addition to this the Free School Meals scheme is still to continue along side.  We ask that regardless of the age of your child in school, that if you feel you are entitled to Free School Meals that you still apply as this not only provides your child with a hot school meal for free but it also gives additional benefits to the school and your child.   Please see leaflet with details of eligibility in this section entitled Free School Meals & Universal Infant Free Meals.